The Florida Spectacular: June

Welcome to June.I’m not even going to pretend the world doesn’t feel like a giant dumpster fire right now. Whatever side you’re on with… well, everything… it’s a scary time. 

Without minimizing the tragedy of the past few days (and those of you who follow me on Twitter know exactly how I feel about all that’s happening — I don’t shy away from politics there) let’s give ourselves a break and talk about Florida things. 
The Florida Road (Trip) not taken

El Cap, Calypso, Banyan and I are supposed to be at the resort in that picture tomorrow, but well, we’re not, for obvious reasons. White Gate Court in Islamorada remains one of my favorite places to stay, because it’s totally off-leash for dogs (including the beach.) I like to say it’s a human-friendly dog resort. It’s comfortable (but not luxe) and it’s the perfect place for a getaway which, I suspect, we’ll badly need in a few months, when we will be able to (safely) go there. 
White Gate Court in Islamorada, a human-friendly dog resort.
Wish I were here…
Speaking events in June

June 30, 10:15 a.m.: Weeki Wachee: Sirens & Springs.I have one talk this month, at Westminster Suncoast (via Zoom.) I’m certain one day this pretty green box will be filled with talks and events, but right now, if you live at a Westminster, please make plans to join the OLLI Zoom!
Datil pepper
(Image via Paullassiter / CC BY-SA 3.0)
I’ve been baking and cooking and grilling like mad, and I’m currently dealing with an enthusiastic datil pepper tree. Datil peppers are Florida’s pepper — they’re unique to Florida and grow mainly in St. Augustine. My peppers are yellow, rather than the red shown in this photo, and I’ve been using them wherever I can get away with adding a little heat (El Cap isn’t a huge fan of spicy food and insists I long ago “burned away” the part of my tongue that tastes spice.) I’ve yet to find a mustard sauce recipe I like (please send me one if you have a Carolina mustard sauce recipe you love) but I did make regular mustard. I added a couple chopped datil peppers and left out the honey in this recipe.
Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself, by Judy Blume
(Image used under Fair Use guidelines)

Florida bookshelf

I’m reading like crazy lately, and my next read is a re-read from my childhood: Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself, by Judy Blume. This 1977 novel (intended for kids) deals not only with racism (which I remember) but anti-semitism (which I do not, hence the re-read.) Blume set the book in Miami Beach and I can’t wait to dive into it again. Read for yourself!

See you next month!
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