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Coral reef mating season

The Florida Spectacular’s August edition.

Coral reefs!The first time I visited the Florida Keys, I fell in love. Not so much with the purported laid-back lifestyle, and definitely not with Key West, but with the water. I snorkeled over reefs that shouted a rainbow of color at me, and since then I’ve been on and in and under those waters in a myriad of ways.

The reefs don’t look the same as they did so many years ago, but there’s hope. Check out this virtual panel about coral reef conseravtion from the Florida State Parks.

The full moon in August is when the coral reefs spawn (lab-grown coral reefs spawn the same way; click that link to learn more,) and although I was there a few years ago during the full moon, I missed it. I’ll return, though — and I hope the reefs will still be there. 

Florida Keys coral reef
(image via Matt Kieffer via Flickr, CC2.0)

Florida Road Trip!

Watching the reef from a glass-bottom boat, wearing a snorkel, or through a dive mask is a reason to get to the Florida Keys. My favorite place to stay is White Gate Court, but with seven cottages, they may not have rooms available. Also good, especially for those of you who don’t travel with dogs: The Islander. Make time to stop at the Florida Keys History and Discovery Center, too.  

Florida Living

Make your backyard look like a state park? Why not. While this photo isn’t from my backyard but Big Cypress Preserve, when we bought our Gulfport house, we did set about ripping out the “traditional” (read: non-Florida) landscaping and creating a landscape that reminded us of some of our favorite Florida places. Sound appealing? Here are some tips on Florida-friendly landscaping from the Florida State Parks.

Florida bookshelf

Apocalypse Yesterday book cover — Brock Adams
(image via Penguin Random House)

Someone sent me a copy of Apocalypse Yesterday. Here’s how the book description reads: “The zombie apocalypse is over. The humans have won. Life is back to normal. And Rip is bored as hell. It’s not much of a life sitting in a call center in the poor town of Spanish Shanty, Florida, answering emails and listening to customer complaints.” So far, so good! Read for yourself!

Head of Blackbeard

August 27: Urban Legends of Florida: Mostly True Stories from the Sunshine State Class via Zoom, hosted by Royal Palms. Free for any Palms residents; all others, $5. Fee goes to the Greater Largo Library Foundation to help support the Community bookmobile. Sign up here.