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‘Backroads of Paradise’ in pictures

The chief complaint about Backroads of Paradise — right after “it’s too awesome! I can’t take all the awesome-osity!” — is the lack of photos. That, incidentally, was not my call; it was a budget thing. University Press of Florida did offer me black and white photos, but I asked to include the basic route maps you will find at the start of each chapter instead, because in speaking around the state it became apparent people didn’t know where a lot of these places were, and I felt the route maps would better help with context.

But I did take photos — and UPF has published them online, where you can see them in their glory. (They’re also available for sale, if you see one you just have to have)

Take a look at Backroads of Paradise in pictures.

Of course, if you don’t have your copy of Backroads of Paradise yet, get one here.