Oranges in central Florida, perfect for sour orange margaritas

Road Trip: Cross Creek, sour oranges and a lawsuit

I love pie, and I love Florida.

Some people would tell you the quintessential Florida pie involves key limes and well, I’m not about to argue. I will, however, suggest a forgotten pie, one that, while less universally known than key lime, has a more distinctive Florida taste: The sour orange pie.

For half a millennia — let that sink in — sour oranges, not the juicy Valencia or eminently snack-able honeybees (also called minneolas), were the order of the orange day in Florida. Now, if you love the sweet tang of a morning glass of OJ, this was not the orange for you.

However, it makes one hell of a pie. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find.

Unless you know where to go.

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