Backroads of Paradise by Cathy Salustri

My talk with Miami Beach Mayor — and gubernatorial candidate — Philip Levine

La vida playa. Why would the mayor leave?

OK, so Philip Levine hasn’t technically announced his candidacy yet, but he’s definitely more active, state-wide, then most mayors. I’m pretty sure he isn’t traveling the state because life is simply too hard or boring or cold in Miami Beach, but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

A few months back, my buddy Craig Pittman (sign up for his weekly email of Florida-stuffsresponded to an email suggesting Mayor Levine could find better reading than T.D. Allman’s widely-discredited and admittedly poor-researched Finding Florida. In that email, Craig included my book — Backroads of Paradise — as one the Mayor should read.

Mayor Levine decided he wanted to talk to me, so he arranged for a radio interview. He listened more than he talked, which was not what I expected.

Will I vote for him? Folks, honestly, I’m voting for whichever Democrat will have the best chance beating the conservatives who’ve raped our amazing, achingly beautiful state. Anything less is a vanity vote. But you do you — go ahead and take a listen.