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Florida Tiki Madness

a map of Florida with a cartoon images such as the sun and a blonde woman on a surfboard superimposed on it. Representative of Florida Tiki
Florida Tiki culture is strong.
Photo of mural at April’s Tiki-a-Go-Go by Cathy Salustri

Earlier this month I spoke at Tiki-a-Go-Go, a new Tiki con in Orlando. The organizers approached me last year in April at the Floridania Fest in Gulfport, and I gave two talks: One on the history of Orange Bird and one on haunted Florida. I appreciate Tiki fans, Tiki ephemera, and had a blast — although I’m not nearly as hard-core as some of these peeps are.

Tiki-a-Go-Go was wonderful. It was small-ish but sold out — organizers wanted to make sure they kept it small the first year, I suppose. In addition to a bevy of Tiki-related talks, the event had plenty of Disney Adventureland talks, too. (In addition to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Tiki fans love the Jungle Cruise, SEA, and that part of Disney culture… and I can’t blame them.)

All the Tiki madness started my podcast co-host, Rick Kilby, and I thinking about Florida Tiki.

Our most recent podcast focuses on exactly that: Florida Tiki. Take a listen.

Find the show notes below, and if you’re in Gulfport next weekend (April 27) , come see me at the Floridania Fest at the Casino. Mention the website or the podcast and get a free Florida Spectacular tee or magnet (as supplies last.)

Shout Out to Black Coral Rum

Finally, Black Coral Rum sponsored the podcast this month, and they sent Rick and I some tasty bottles to try. Their tagline is “Distinctly Florida Rum” and their branding includes the state flag, so I was on board before I took my first sip. Now I’m a convert, though — especially their black rum, which is definitely a sipping rum. Their white rum begs for a Cuba Libre, but their spiced rum is probably my favorite. More sampling may be required. Please check them out — sponsors like Black Coral Rum keep me from having to take a side gig selling auto insurance.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Florida Tiki post.

Florida Tiki Podcast Show Notes

Florida Tiki Bars
Bahi Hut in Sarasota
The Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale (Rick’s post)
Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale (Rick’s post)
Don the Beachcomber in Madeira Beach
Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at Walt Disney World
Bar Tiki on Clearwater Beach
Florida Tiki Events
The Hukilau (Rick’s post)