Backroads of Paradise

Backroads of Paradise
Pre-order Backroads of Paradise.

In 2010, I decided to re-trace some WPA-era driving tours of Florida.

In 2011, I did it.

In 2012, the University Press of Florida offered me a book deal.

In 2016, they published it.

Today, you can buy the book that tells the story of what happens when you cram a girl, her boyfriend and their dachshund into a 21-foot camper and hit Florida’s backroads for a month. Spoiler alert: This is not a rom-com.

In actuality, this isn’t a story about me, or the boy, or the dachshund (but please no one tell her). It’s Florida’s story; I get the honor of telling it. If you read my stuff, you know what to expect. The rest of you? Buy the book and look forward to (what I hope you’ll find is) a delightful surprise.

Fun facts about the book:

  • It took me six years to farm-to-table it (for lack of a better metaphor).
  • I am apparently the first person ever to use the word “fuck” in a UPF book (in all fairness, I was quoting someone and that someone was an academic in a dive bar.
  • I didn’t hate Dollar General before I took this great Florida road trip.
  • If you ask me to pick my favorite road, I can’t. It’s like asking me to pick my favorite cheese.

Read an excerpt at the UPF website (where you also order the book, if you’re Amazon-averse).


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